Between songs and talk breaks, Candice and I put a list together of four local influential people or celebrities that we would put up on our own "Lafayette Mount Rushmore." These four people have either been in Lafayette for years or had some sort of impact on our community. Before we get to the list, we agree that the monument should be constructed on the property known as the "Horse Farm" off of Johnston in Lafayette. After several minutes debating the issue, we have come up with FOUR people worthy of being on "Lafayette Mount Rushmore."

1. UL Head Coach Mark Hudspeth: Its hard to debate that this guy is not worthy of the recognition. Coach Mark Hudspeth has turned the UL football program around in one season. In his first season at UL, his team was projected to finish last in the conference, and we all know that didn't happen. Coach Hudspeth led UL to a bowl victory in New Orleans and single handily resuscitated the football program at UL.

2. Meteorologist Dick Farout: This guy was the face of local media for many years. Dick Farout was the chief meteorologist at KLFY-TV 10 and was famously known for his "Color The Weather" segment during his forecasts. The people of Acadiana put their trust in this guy's hands for years.

3. Dr. Ray Authement: Dr Authement was the longest serving public university president in U.S. History. Dr. Authement was President of USL/UL for 33 years. His name and image will always be attached to UL and to the success of the institution.

4. Jake Delhomme: Jake Delhomme is by far the most successful athlete to ever come out of UL. Delhome was quarterback at UL (USL then) and had a successful run in the NFL. He also played in a Super Bowl, and was VERY close to be crowned a Super Bowl Champion. Jake remains very active in our community and in UL athletics.

These are just a few of the names we came up with to put up on our own "Lafayette Mount Rushmore." Did we leave anyone off, and if so, who do you think is worthy? Oh I should note here, I nominated Sharron Moss of Moss Motors because of her dedication to so many non-profit organizations in Lafayette.