Well, its that time of year AGAIN!! Not the time of year when you begin to re-do your flower beds or such, but the time of year where we turn our radio station, Hot 107-9, over to one single mission. That mission is pretty simple, to raise as much money as we can in two days for St Jude Children's Research Hospital. The campus is located in Memphis, TN and after visiting the campus just once, I have come to the conclusion that heaven lies in Memphis , TN. We are starting our 4th Annual St. Jude Radiothon on Thursday, March 1st, and it lasts until Friday March 2nd at 6pm. One of the most beautiful things about living in south Louisiana is that people here are so generous. Whether it be for charity, natural disaster, or any other type event people in Acadiana are quick to give and are quick to help those that may be down and out. Well, here we are again asking for your help. And while we may be the voice of reason here, those truly asking for your help are those kids and those families that receive the help from St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. All in all, I guess that you can say we are the voice of those hoping for just a miracle.


Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit St Jude's and it was truly a life changing experience. See, I was once a pre-pharmacy major and felt that was my true calling. Call it faith or whatever it may be, I knew deep down that I was suppose to be somewhere else in my professional career. Well, after praying many nights in my bed, I felt that I belonged in the broadcasting industry. Not really knowing why I was going to change majors, I did and to this day have no regrets. See, I am now in a position I have always wanted to be in...to help others. I did not get into this industry so that people would recognize me at the mall or at the gym, I got into this business for days like NOW!!! To be the voice of those that need help!!!

One of the many things I took from St Jude's was that no family or child has to come up with funds while seeking treatment or help from St Jude's. I will NEVER forget one of the many stories I heard while on the campus in Memphis. It started with a child arriving to St Jude in the middle of the night and the father of that child looking into the eyes of a doctor and saying," I will sell everything I own...just save my child." After a slight pause, the doctor the looked up at the grieving father and said, "you don't have to pay for anything, you're at St. Jude." The lesson here is simple, families DO NOT have to pay for their child's treatment(s) at St. Jude. But in order for that to remain possible, that is where WE come into play.

I can't imagine having my child lay on his/her death bed, much less have to worry about if we can afford the proper treatment for he or she. And that is why we here at Hot 107-9 want YOU to join us in the good fight. We are now in a position to not only help the children of St. Jude, but we are now in a position to help those families at St. Jude hoping for just a miracle. Let's do our part March 1st and 2nd and become "Partners In Hope." Will you please stand up with me and my colleagues and say, "It is time we put an end to childhood cancer?" No kid regardless of their race, age, religion, social status, or ethnicity deserves to go through this. I hope you all will join us in the "good fight" and make a pledge to the place I have labeled "Heaven On Earth," St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

So here we are again, asking for your help in fighting childhood cancer. While we may not have the cure for childhood cancer in our back pocket, we do have bit of the road it takes to reaching a cure. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. I have seen first-hand college students who live  on a "dime to dime" budget save up for St. Jude, and I hope that you and your family can do likewise. Believe me, there is no better gift out there than giving, and here is a wonderful way to give back. For those of us with healthy children, we should consider ourselves blessed. Still, let's make sure those parents that are fighting to keep their children alive have all the help they need. Its just the right thing to do...It really is.