Earlier this week we learned that a former Lafayette businessman, Eric Cloutier, who now resides in California, accidentally sold his wife's wedding ring during a neighborhood yard sale. The ring is reportedly valued at $23,000. Good news, the ring has been returned by a good Samaritan.

Racquel Cloutier, of Laguna Niguel, Calif., had her ring returned to her when Alyssa Lossau, of Mission Viejo, Calif. came knocking. Mrs. Lossau lost her keys and in the process of looking for them, her husband opened a watch box his mother-in-law had given him. However, rather than finding the keys in the box, the couple stumbled upon a $23,000 ring, which they thought was fake.

Cloutier told a local news station his story about the ring and it went viral within hours. Thanks to all the of the media attention, it took only minutes for Alyssa Lossau to find Cloutier's email address once she realized she was the one who ended up with the lucky box.

Cloutier says its a miracle the ring was returned, but now both families seem to have bonded. According to NBC, both families plan to attend church with each other this weekend.