For as long as man has been on earth, he has struggled with finding the perfect mate. One guy claims that he has cracked the code and scientifically located the "wife zone."

46-year-old lawyer and suburban dad, Dana McLendon appears in a humorous YouTube video that is borderline misogynistic, yet surprisingly makes a ton of sense once you break it down.

He uses what he calls the "universal hot crazy matrix"—an algorithm that promises to provide "everything a young man needs to know about women."

Ladies, don't feel left out. McLendon uses his science at the end of the video around the six minute mark to help you find the 'Husband Zone' too! (even though we think this person did a WAY better job.)

Does his science measure up? Check out the video and decide for yourself, but be warned; it's only funny if you don't find it offensive.

SPOILER ALERT: If you're a hairdresser, or your name is Tiffany—prepare to be offended.