Many of us ran to the closest lottery distributor on Wednesday in hopes of scoring the winning Powerball ticket with an estimated $400 Million jackpot. Well one lucky person is A LOT RICHER this morning because the winning ticket was sold in California.

The winning ticket was sold at Dixon Landing Chevon in Milpitas, a city in Santa Clara County. The winning numbers are: 17-49-54-35-1, and the Powerball number is 34.There was just one ticket in the entire country to match all winning numbers.

The jackpot this week was the sixth largest ever in U.S. history. The chance of ever winning the lottery, well it is 1 in about 175 million---GOOD LUCK!!!

So, we all return to work today and continue to dream what we would have done with $400 Million. Guess I'll hold off on the beach house and season tickets for a few more weeks.