A video of a woman becoming irate with employees at a Baton Rouge McDonald's has been making its rounds on the internet. The video, loaded with language NSFW - shows a woman claiming that her order was wrong, and she didn't get "what she paid for." As the Mickey D's employees have more insults hurled at them by the woman, they begin to exchange words with her, which sends her into a full-blown meltdown.

The description posted with the video is as follows:

This lady was infuriated when they wouldn't put her overflow frappuccino in a 32 oz styro cup, even though she only wanted to pay for a regular. Once the girl dumped the overflow out, homegirl flipped

Though we will never know what truly started the whole mess, it seems as if no one was hurt - and that's what's important, right? It does pose a good question though - Is the customer always right?

Who was wrong? The customer, or the McDonald's employees? Comment below!