Terri Graham is a mother of two that unfortunately did not have the opportunity to breastfeed her children. Now that she is 44, she is fulfilling her desire for motherly companionship by breastfeeding her 9-year-old daughters dog, a pug named Spider.

Yes, a real dog - like the 'bark bark, ruff ruff' kind that you are envisioning in your head right now. Graham spoke with Closer magazine about her unique situation, telling them that she knows that many consider her to be a "freak," but she is convinced that her breastfeeding "nourishes the dog," and makes her feel like a better mom.

"Having Spider suckle on my boob means I finally feel complete and a better mother,"

But how does a dog even develop a taste for breast milk? According to Graham, the dog took a liking to her milk back in 2010 when it licked the nipple of a bottle that she had just pumped for her then-newborn baby son. Since then, she has been breastfeeding the pup on a regular basis.

The photo (above) was posted to Reddit, and caught like wildfire. It quickly made its way to the front page of the site. Feel free to check out the post, and all the hilarious jokes and comments.

I hope for Terri's sake that Spider is all bark, and no bite. Because that would ... you know. Ouch.