22-year-old Ashley McDowell won't get much sympathy from the folks that read this story, but nonetheless, the South Carolina woman was scammed. In a story that is almost too dumb to be true, Ashley was approached by two men in a McDonald's parking lot where they offered her a pretty good deal on an iPad. $300 was their asking price, but Ashley only had $180. The men were kind hearted, so they gave it to her anyway.

When Ashley got home, she realized that what she just spent her last $180 cash on wasn't an iPad. In fact, it was actually just a block of wood with an Apple logo painted on the back! [gasp]


Of course, the men who sold Ashley McDowell the "iPad" used the classic "brick in a box" scam tactic, claiming that they "bought goods in bulk and were selling them at discount prices." But like their victim, they weren't too bright either.

Didn't they realize that they didn't need to make the block of wood look like an iPad? They even painted on a screen and some fake icons so that it would look like the real deal. Did they realize that the success of their felonious enterprise was contingent on the mark not taking it out of the box? This wasn't going to fool them! I mean, if you swipe the screen and get a splinter, you have to know something's up. I can just picture the two men sitting around for hours making all these fake iPads like Santa's elves in the workshop thinking they're going to strike it rich.


On the other hand tho, if they did this just to create the biggest mind**** possible, then that's kinda awesome.

Deputies are on the case, and according to McDowell the swindling duo were driving "a white Impala with no rims and no tint." She also pointed out that one of the crooks "had a gold tooth."

Is it bad that I hope that they catch these guys only to see who was badass enough to paint a block of wood like an iPad?