We often hear people toss around the word "basic" when describing others, but for the first time ever a woman was actually diagnosed for her "basic" behavior.

We seriously doubt this NSFW diagnosis would ever really happen in real life, but the truth is we're all a little "basic" when you think about it.

While this video from College Humor was clearly a joke and pretty amusing, should women be criticized for loving things like Starbucks, Zumba and pants with witty adjectives written across the butt?

Hell, I've even been sucked into episodes of 'Teen Mom' and I'm not even a girl. Somehow, someway "basic" behavior has become a negative thing and many people forget that basic behavior is also known as normal behavior.

So if you like using cliche hashtags when posting pics of you and your friends, or quote inspirational tweets from fake Twitter accounts of your favorite artists, be basic and OWN IT!

What is your definition of "basic" behavior? Let me know in the comments below!

[via College Humor]