A Haughton woman is behind bars after she allegedly stole a Texas Hibiscus Plant from Popeye's restaurant in Shreveport . Video surveillance caught Marcia Lambert back her car up to a flower bed and dig up the plant, then toss it into the trunk of her car and later drive away.

Lambert was arrested on a charge of felony theft and booked into the Shreveport City Jail. She later told police she thought the plant was marijuana!!! Yes, she mistakenly took the Texas Star Hibiscus plant for a marijuana plant!!

In this woman's defense, if there really is one, a young Texas Hibiscus plant can resemble a marijuana plant in it's early stages. Both plants have similar number of leaves - three to seven, which have deep lobes.

Here is a picture of a young Texas Hibiscus plant, can you see a resemblance to the marijuana plant here?


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