Police in High Point, N.C. believe that a young woman died just seconds after posting onto Facebook about how the song "Happy," by Pharrell, makes her happy. 32-year-old Courtney Ann Sanford crossed the median of a highway and crashed head-on into a truck, while posting a status update onto Facebook, according to police.

Police say that they received a call about the crash at 8:34am, last Thursday morning, and her last status update was posted onto the social media site at 8:33am. Being that the times of both events are so close to each other, this has led detectives to presume that Ms. Sanford was distracted by her phone when she crashed into the on coming truck.

Investigators have looked back on Ms. Sanford's phone and they have also discovered that she was taking "selfies" just prior to her fatal crash.

As for the driver of the truck, John Wallace Thompson, he was not injured in the crash. Police say that Ms. Sanford did have her seat belt on at the time of the crash, but that she was not wearing it properly.

Again, we would like to take this time to remind you---PLEASE NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE!! That also includes updating your status on social media sites. Life is too short, so let's all do our part while driving to protect ourselves and others on the roads.