Women ages 5 to 50 say the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word 'mother' and their responses will probably make you cry, or at least makes you pick up the phone and give your mom a call!

Mom's are a really big part of all of our lives. Whether you had a great relationship with them, or even if there was an absence of a mother in your life, the word 'mother' can bring up a lot of feelings in us all. This video does an amazing job at showing the different roles moms play in our lives through out the years. From being "mean", to our best friend, to a woman we look up to and admire, a mothers job is ever changing and never done.

So, this Mothers Day give your mom a call, a hug, or just send your love any way you can, because a mothers love is unconditional and she deserves this day to know that our love to her is unconditional as well.

[via Cut Video]