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The website TSM came up with a list that ONLY girls with big butts can relate to. I think they hit the nail on the head!

Here are just a few that TSM came up with, if they missed any please comment below and we will add them.

  1. “What a cute dress! I’m buying this for grandma’s birthday dinner.” *turns around and sees view from behind* “Oh. Nope.”
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2. 2 Chainz wants you for his birthday.

3. The  purchasing struggle is real: do I go with too big in the waist, or too small in the butt?

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4. "Dat A*$ tho” is a compliment you’ve gotten used to.

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5. You try to turn to the side a little in pictures. Your protruding posterior makes your waist look teeny at the right angle.

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These are just some of the struggles that women with big butts can understand. Have you experienced any of these everyday big butt struggles? Just do like Jason Derulo says and Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!

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