A Russian man, Magomed Labazanov, who Russia considered to be the oldest man in the world has died!!! Magomed Labazanov was born in 1890.

Like many of you, we too want to know what he did during his life to live so long. His recipe for long life - which he outlined four years ago - was 'abstaining from alcohol, tobacco - and women.' Despite this he was twice married, divorcing his first wife because she failed to produce any children.



This Russian dinosaur never learned how to read or write, but said that a 'proper diet' of fruits, dairy products, corn, whey, fruits, vegetables and wild garlic - 'the true nourishment for centenarians' - was also crucial to his longevity.

As we were talking about this On-Air this morning, just think how much this man saw in his lifetime. From poverty to war, and even technology---he has seen it ALL!! Do you think he ever embraced the social media world during his lifetime (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)???