Meet Julian Batts, a freshman from Indiana University that is without a doubt the worst contestant in 'Wheel Of Fortune' history; after not one, but three epic blunders.

In the first round, Julian literally had the entire puzzle ("Mythological Hero Achilles") filled in with a chance to win $12,600 and a shot at a million dollars in the bonus round. Unfortunately his first blunder came when he botched the pronunciation of "achilles" so bad, that host Pat Sajak was reluctantly unable to award him credit.

Oh, but it didn't stop there. Julian was just warming up.

Julian solved the puzzle in the second round, and after winning $9,700 things seemed to be turning around. In the next round, he stacked up a car and a trip and had all but one of the four words filled in the puzzle that read "The World's Fastest _ _ _."

The category was "Person" and instead of going for the obvious "M" or "N," Julian decided to go for the letter "C" instead. There was no "C" and immediately the young woman next to Julian solved the puzzle ("The World's Fastest Man") with ease. Not only did she solve the puzzle, she won a trip to Jamaica, home of the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt.

You may find this hard to believe, but things got EVEN WORSE for Julian from there.

This one is so bad, I'd actually feel bad typing it out, so check out the video for yourself and tell me if you agree that this guy is THE worst "Wheel Of Fortune" player of all time. Surprisingly, as bad as Julian was, he still managed to get to the bonus round, but did not solve the final puzzle.

I'm sure Indiana University is proud.