Chad (left) brother Evan Horstman, the founders of

Hey ladies, do you plan on a sexy costume this Halloween? Well, I have the perfect costume for you. Pizza! Yes, you can dress as a pizza for Halloween. You can combine sexy and funny all in one costume. Chad Horstman came up with the idea and worked with a designer to deliver, “You wanna pizz-a me” costume. Brothers Chad Horstman and Evan Horstman are founders of and have a variety of odd, sexy costumes for the ladies.

Chad’s ideas are inspired by ordinary life events. For instance, his idea for the sexy corn costume was born while dating a girl from Nebraska. Some think these costumes are wrong and ridiculous. It’s supposed to be ridiculous, it’s Halloween for crying out loud! Costumes are meant to stand out. If you don’t want him to think of food while looking at you, you can choose to dress as a sexy, killer whale or a sexy squid.