(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Do you want to see if someone loves you? Let out a big yawn in front of them. If they yawn back, the study shows they love you too. Is someone using you for all the wrong reasons? Are they telling you they love you, just for the sake of saying "I love you"?

According to a resent study on contagious yawning by NPR, yawning is especially contagious between people who love each other.

You can test this theory with your parents first, or your brother or sister. Start off slow. Then try it on your significant other.

The study shows that if you yawn in front of them they should yawn back. The quicker they yawn back, the closer your relationship is with them. The time delay between yawns can tell you a lot about how close they are to you. They call it sending and catching.

So if you want to see if that person in your life truly loves you test it out. There is a "but" in this whole study. They also say that this isn't 100% accurate. So if your significant other doesn't yawn back, it could just simply mean that he or she just isn't tired! LOL!!

I can see the T-shirt now, LOVE MORE, YAWN MORE!

If you want to check out the study CLICK HERE!