Ladies you can now 'pump' yourself up in a whole other way!!!  If you don't think you are 'gifted' enough I think these puppies can help.  Talk about a transformation from the business hour to the new and improved 'Happy Hour.'That's right they are 'boobies you control.'  People now days are constantly worried about what they look like or what there best feature is.  The day the 'Push Up Bra' came out should be celebrated as a national holiday for men, but hold on to your hats because something new is about to hit the market!!  Yoobies are going to be the new fad ladies, because these will allow you to go from a 'A' size to a 'C' size with the push of a button.  Even with this new technology though I keep thinking......What would your man have to say if he went in for a squeeze and your 'boobie' aired out?

Are YOU going to buy a pair?