I was reading an article in TheFrisky.com entitled 'You Should Be Banned From The Internet If.." In the original story TheFrisky listed 15 reasons, but I decided to go through all of them and pick the "Logan 10." For those of you who are unaware of the "Logan 10", it's my favorite 10 things from lists that have more than 10 items.

1. Your Primary email address is from AOL.

2. You're giving duck lips in your social media profile pic.

3. You have a joint Facebook account with your significant other.

4. You have engaged in a war of words on Twitter.

5. More than 30% of your Facebook friends are people you've never met in real life. More than 10% are people you don't even like.

6. You tweet at celebrities on a regular basis, as if you are friends in real life and engaged in some sort of conversation, but they've never tweeted back at you because they dont know you from their other 100,000+ friends.

7. You're single, you've got an online dating profile which you update regularly, and you persue your matches daily, but haven't been on a date in over 3 months.

8. Every photo you upload of yourself has been photoshopped.

9. You check into your own house or apartment.

10. You check your email/Twitter/Facebook wall in the middle of the night.