With so many people competing for the same job(s) these days, applicants should do everything in their power to ensure that they don't eliminate themselves for a potential job opportunity. Career counselors and recruiters say that the most common mistake most applicants make is what is usually atop of the resume.Counselors and recruiters say that one's e-mail address can be the single determining factor as to whether or not an applicant gets a job interview or not. With it nearly impossible to get an e-mail account with your name solely in it, many refer to "e-mail handles" that can be a deterrent for recruiters and/or employers. Heads-up, it may not be wise to have handles that are provocative or "immature in nature" when it comes to posting it on a resume. It is recommended that you attempt to create an e-mail address that is professional in nature if you wish to use it on your resume.