One of the longest running debates has been what to do and what not to do on a first date. While it may be different in male versus female, I think both sexes have responsibilities when it comes to being on the first date. I will highlight just a few of the responsibilities I see for males and females. See if you agree.

When it comes to males, here is how I see it on the first date.

1. Its our responsibility to call our date prior to arrival. Being that its the first time you are going on a date with this lady, you don't want to arrive and she not be ready. One of the worst things that can happen is for you to sit around while she flat-irons her hair. You want to knock, and get out!!

2. I think that the first date should be somewhere that does not require in depth conversations. The last thing you need is to have to explain your life away on the first date. Go somewhere that does NOT require in-depth conversation (dinner table). Go to the movies, go to the bowling ally, just don't get caught having to look your date in the eye for 5 hours.

3. On your fist date, never get into previous relationships. If she asks you about your "ex" be brief. I wouldn't get into why it didn't workout between you and the ex.

4. Whatever you do, offer to pay her way. Nothing good will come out of the date if you do not offer to pay for whatever it is the date requirred. Now if she declines in you paying, let her pay. She may not want to feel obligated.

5. As the date nears the end, embrace in a hug. If the hug is right, the kiss may follow, but I wouldn't go for it right away!!! There is nothing more damaging to a guy's ego when you go for the kiss, and she looks away.

Now, for females, I will give it my best here.

1. Ladies, be ready when he gets there. We all know it takes you all a while to prep for a date, but don't make your first date longer than it should be. If its agreed that you all are leaving at 7pm, be ready for 6:30pm!!!

2. Don't play detective on your first date. Guys HATE it when you ask too much on the first date. If things are right, you will learn more on the next date.

3. If you wish for your date to be respectful, dress appropriately. We all know that guys and gals think differently, don't be misleading. You know what I mean here.

4. This one is personal, but once you are on the date and you agree to have a few "adult beverages," refrain from drinking a beer. There is just something a woman who drinks a Budweiser on the first date that scares most guys.

5. Don't sweat the ending of the date. Have fun. If the date is fun and exciting it will end fun and exciting. If your date is dull and not very memorable, chances are the ending will be likewise. Just don't think about "the kiss" the whole time you are on the date. Remember, you are ultimately in charge of how the date ends.

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