I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when I saw KATC's report on a Scott man who was accused of biting a chunk out of the face of his victim. The first thing I thought was "OMG, the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us," but then I remembered, "No you idiot, zombies aren't real" (or are they?). Regardless, this is crazy.

In a situation that is VERY similar to the incident in Florida where police had to shoot and kill a man after he would not stop biting and chewing another man's face, Carl Jaquneaux, 43,  is being accused of attacking Todd Credeur and biting a chunk out of his face.  According to sources, a friend of Credeur's told police that Jaquneaux was most definitely under the influence of bath salts - the same drug that has been behind other facial zombie-like attacks. Luckily, when teeth got involved Credeur was able to take control of the situation by spraying Jaquneaux in the face with wasp spray!

Even though a "domestic issue" is said to have fueled this confrontation, its becoming very obvious that bath salts are just BAD NEWS and cause sh*t like this to go down! Avoid the madness people, and just don't do drugs!

Things got even crazier when Jaquneaux allegedly showed up at another man's house wielding a knife after snacking on Credeur's face. See how things ended up by reading the full story and be on the lookout for Cajun Zombies!

[via KATC]