For the most part, Tropical Storm Cindy has been rather mild compared to other tropical systems we've experienced in Acadiana. We've had occasional squalls, some gusty winds, and a tornado watch or two but for the most part, we've escaped the brunt of the system.

In southeast Louisiana as well as coastal Mississippi and Alabama Tropical Storm Cindy has been quite a different story. Those areas have been inundated with tropical rains for several days and now comes word that the storm is responsible for the death of a 10-year-old Missouri boy.

According to the Baldwin County Alabama Sheriff's Department, a young boy was standing outside his family's waterfront condo near Fort Morgan Alabama when a wave generated by Tropical Storm Cindy washed a huge log on top of him.

According to reports, the boy was outside with his father when the wave came crashing ashore. The force of the wave lifted the large log into the young boy and on top of him. His father rushed the boy inside the condo and called for assistance. However, attempts to revive the young man were not successful.




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