11-year-old Logan Fairbanks posts a lot of videos of himself and his dad on YouTube and when he noticed that some were leaving really mean comments about him, he decided to read them out on-line. 

Rather than feel sorry for himself, Logan sat in front of camera and read mean comments people left about him under his videos. Now, because of his courage to stand up to these cyber bullies, Logan is scheduled to visit the WHITE HOUSE!! 

The young boy said that he produced this video to address bullying. He hopes that those that fall victim to bullying can stand up for themselves and not let those who bully win. Well, it's safe to say that Logan just squashed a few bullies himself.

Hearing some of the comments left By these bullies really upsets me. No kid should ever have to hear such mean things about them. Shame on those that left these comments on Logan's YouTube channel. They should really be ashamed of themselves.

Why is it that people have to be so mean on the internet? Why can't people just be nice these days? It's beyond sad.

Logan's video caught the attention of a senior advisor to President Obama, and she has invited this brave young man to visit the White House. Logan and his dad were able to raise enough money for the visit and they will be in Washington next week.

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