The Chainsmokers, here's your answer.

The duo responsible for hits like "Roses", "Closer", and "Paris" recently took to Twitter to share a list of the 19 songs that inspired them to start making music. After reading over the list and seeing songs like Daft Punk "Around the World", The Postal Service "Clark Gable" and Digitalism "Pogo", it's easy to hear those influences weaving in and out of their music.

My only issue with their list is that it's semi flawed. For instance, The Chainsmokers wrote down David Guetta "Walking Away", but originally "Walking Away" was made by The Egg. They like the David Guetta version, which is great, but they should have given The Egg a little credit. They also included Tegan and Sara on the list with their song "Out of My Head", which isn't even a Tegan and Sara song. Tegan and Sara have a song called "Back in My Head" and a song "Walking With a Ghost", which has the lyrics "out of my mind" sung about 50 times through out the song, so I see the confusion. But still, if it's on a list of songs that inspired you, get it right.

Ok, I'll stop being picky now. Regardless if they messed up a few things on the list, those 19 songs are all truly amazing. I'm definitely down to listen to any musician that draws inspiration from the artists in the list above.

Listening to great music has helped The Chainsmokers make the great music that they do today. Love 'em or hate 'em you have to admit that they've been cranking out hit after hit, which is not an easy thing to do, and you have the 19 songs and artists above to thank for it.