Following the release of his the Nicki Minaj-assisted banger ‘I Luv Dem Strippers,’ another 2 Chainz track leaks online called ‘Yuck’ featuring Lil Wayne. As the title suggests, the song is nasty… lyrically.

The track boasts dramatic violin playing over a 808-drum soundbed and a sample of 2 Chainz’s 4-year-old daughter saying “Yuck, daddy.” Then 2 Chainz raps some incoherent rhymes that will make you frown. “Known to act a donkey on the camel toe / Then take the camel toe and turn it into casserole,” he spits. Eww, yuck!

Not to be outdone, Weezy F. Baby drops several bars of gross-out misogynistic rhymes. “Man, life is a b—-, mine is a gold digger / I’m f—ed, let’s f— / She said she on her period, I said, ‘Yuck.’”

What does this all mean? We have no idea and we really don’t see the point in the song.Yucky? Yes. A dope track? Well, it’s borderline.

During a listening session in Los Angeles, 2 Chainz describes the album as his story of getting a second chance to make an impact in the rap game.“I just want to be a story that somebody could use — persistently going hard and just, you know, making your own second chances happen for you,” he tells MTV Hive.

2 Chainz’s debut album ‘Based on a T.R.U. Story’ will arrive in stores on Aug. 14.

Listen to 2 Chainz, ‘Yuck’ Feat. Lil Wayne

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