I came across this list of 20 things men do that women don't know about. It's pretty interesting. I'm not gonna lie, I do 2, 4, 9 and 14 for sure  Did our friends at viralnova.com get it right? Check out the list below and please comment.

  1. Flush the toilet mid pee and race the water to the hole.
  2. We don't use twist-ties to close the bread bag. Just spin and tuck..baby!
  3. When in the shower, not only do we make faux-hawks with the shampoo, we also test out your soap, yeah the flowery kind (you never even knew till now).
  4. We think running up stairs is a legit workout and go into beast mode while climbing them.
  5. We have fantasized about all of our female friends... Yes, you too! : )
  6. Wished at one time that we were a invisible just once so we could hang out in the woman's bathroom/shower.This is not all men by the way, just some.
  7. We all learned how to pee while standing at attention. Master of the leaning tower of Piza.
  8. Yes, we are conscious of the length, and have used Google to see if our length is normal. LOL!!
  9. I tested this out the other day while in Target, THE NOD to another man. We've all done it and it works only on men. It's just an understanding we have. Women just look at you like ewwww!
  10. Shoot snot rockets in the shower, then look to see were it went. I can never find mine.

For the rest of the list goto viralnova.com.

Please share this list with as many people as you would like.

If I missed anything please feel free to comment below.


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