We began naming hurricanes in the early 50's. Before then, they were just numbered in order starting at "Hurricane 1". If, at the time, the storm did severe damage, it was only then giving a name to describe it.

The first names were all female, but towards the 70's, they began to mix in male and female names. The names resulted in a rotation of the same names being used once every six years. Long story short, there are six groups of names, and they rotate around. The only exception to the rotating name list is if the storm was severe. For example, Katrina, Rita, and Harvey. The name of the severe storm is "retired" and replaced with a name beginning with that same letter.

This year's list was last used back in 2014 and it has some very interesting names in it to say the least. I am very interested in Hurricane Josephine, Nana, and Kyle. Pretty sure White Claw sales will go up if we make it to Hurricane Kyle.

List made by Buddy Russ
List made by Buddy Russ


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