The No. 21 is widely popular in the world of sports with the likes of Tim Duncan, LaDainian Tomlinson, Kevin Garnett and more making the number legendary in their respective field of sports. In hip-hop, 21 represents one of rap's brightest and youngest stars, Atlanta rapper 21 Savage and his Slaughter Gang movement. But what happens when you take 21 notable sports figures from any sport, who have had 21 on their jerseys at some point in their careers, and give them the 21 Savage signature tattoo? Well, that's what XXL is here to show you.

Known for his contagious hits such as "No Heart" and "X," 21 Savage is also recognized for his signature tattoo on his forehead. Not to be confused for a cross, 21 Savage has made sure to let the world know his forehead tattoo "ISSA Knife," and there's nothing funny about it. The 2016 XXL Freshman got the tattoo in honor of his fallen brother Quantivayus. The "21" part of his name comes from the gang he grew up with, and he later incorporated the "Savage" part to his name when he was trying to come up with an Instagram name, eventually keeping the 21 Savage moniker for his rap career.

In professional sports, athletes from the past and present have made the No. 21 more than just a number on the back of a jersey. Creating legendary moments while wearing the number, sports fans have witnessed polarizing figures like Roger Clemens, Deion Sanders, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett build hall of fame careers with the number. Even newcomers in the world of sports like Joel Embiid in the NBA and Ezekiel Elliot in the NFL have brought a newfound love and appreciation for 21.

XXL decided to have a little fun and round up the most notable athletes, past or present, in any sport, who have worn the No. 21, and give them a Savage Mode adjustment.

Illustrations by Adrian Borromeo

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