According to, there are at least 23 hidden treasures lost in Louisiana. Your chances of finding one of them aren't great but may be better than winning a billion-dollar lottery drawing. Get your shovel because you're about to find out the vicinity of them all. (Don't invade private property)

According to history, Louisiana has had people on her soil since the 4th Millenium B.C. In 1682 Louisiana was claimed for France.

Pirate Jean Lafitte lived in Louisiana for years and could have been Louisiana's first example of state corruption. He basically ran from the law and settled in Louisiana. He didn't stay still either, he roamed all over the state.

Lafitte and his brother operated a warehouse in New Orleans where they smuggled goods and robbed merchant ships.

Afraid they might get caught, Jean Lafitte moved his operations to the island of Barataria, Louisiana.

Lafitte had to hide his massive wealth from the law so he buried money and valuables all over the state. claims Lafitte is known to have buried at least 23 treasures around the state.

Treasures Hidden Around the State

Sabine River—3 miles east of the Old Spanish Trail (Amount unknown).

Lafitte Villiage—21 miles south of Marrero, Louisiana ($1 million).

Amite River—Near ruins of Galvez (Gold).

Lake Misere—On the banks of Lake Misere (Amount unknown).

Fort Livingston—Grand Terre Isle (Gold and Silver).

Frisby Plantation—South of the house ($1 million).

Conrad Plantation—Near Baton Rouge ($50.000).

Bonafice Plantation—North bank of the Mississippi River ($400.00).

Destrehan Plantation—Just outside of town ($470.00).

Wreck of the Oregon—Mississippi River ($800,000).

Isle of Derniere—South of Houma, Louisiana (Amount unknown).

Old Camp Place—10 miles west of Monroe ($20,000)

Ruins of Lincecum—Close to Dupont, Louisiana (Gold).

Fallen springs—East of Toledo Bend (Amount unknown).

Walter C. Flowers Estate—Between Madisonville and Chinchuba, Louisiana ($6 million).

Honey Island—Close to the town of Pearl River, Louisiana (Nearly $3 million).

Wreck of the U.S.S Mississippi—Profit Island (Silver and Artifacts).

Treasures Hidden in the Acadiana Area

Jefferson Island

Jefferson Island, Louisiana, Facebook
Jefferson Island, Louisiana, Facebook

Jefferson Island—Jefferson Island (3 treasure chests have been found. There may be others).

Parlange Plantation House

Parlange Plantation House, Facebook
Parlange Plantation House, Facebook

Parlange Plantation—Near New Roads, Louisiana (Up to $500,000).

Chretien Point Plantation

Chretien Point Plantation, Facebook
Chretien Point Plantation, Facebook

Chretien Point Plantation—2 miles southwest of Sunset, Louisiana ($650,000).

Alice Plantation

Bayou History Center Inc, Facebook
Bayou History Center Inc, Facebook

Alice Plantation—Off State Highway 167 ($500,000).

Pine Alley Plantation

Pine Alley Plantation—Near St. Martinville ($150,000).

And Thibodeaux Plantation (not pictured)—Off country road 31 in near Breaux Bridge (Amount unknown).


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