(This story was published in July of 2021)

Photojournalist Brad Kemp is retiring from his job with the Louisiana Athletic Department this Friday.

He began his first stint at UL (then USL) as a student in 1979.

Kemp served as photographer for the Ragin' Cajuns until 1988, then worked for The Daily Advertiser for 23 years. He returned to work for Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns in 2012.

Kemp's photographs of Louisiana sporting events span across six decades.

Some of the most memorable, iconic moments in the history of Louisiana Ragin' Cajun sports are captured in a single photo.

Kemp has taken over a million pictures in his life, a large bulk of which are UL sports.

He sat down with me to share some of his favorites.

25 of Brad Kemp's Favorite Ragin' Cajun Sports Photographs

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