Breaking News, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network the Buccaneers plan on releasing running back Leonard Fournette once the league year begins on March 15th.

With the upcoming release of Leonard Fournette here are 3 reasons why the Saints should pursue playoff Lenny once dropped from the Bucs.

1. Alvin Kamara's Looming Suspension

Everyone from the fans to the media to even the organization of the Saints knows that a suspension is coming for Alvin Kamara. That suspension can be 4 games, 6 games, or even a whole season. At this point, the Saints are playing the waiting game, and with that the need for a running back is high. Leonard Fournette would be a great addition to keep the ship afloat while Kamara is suspended.

2. The Saints' Running Game Sucks

Even with Kamara the Saints desperately needed to come in the offseason and find an answer at the running back position. Yes, the Saints have Alvin Kamara; however, we saw that Kamara isn't a 3-down run between the trenches kind of back. And for this Saints team to be halfway decent they need a run game especially since they are questionable at quarterback. And adding a guy like Fournette gives you a 3 down back that can run between the trenches, who still has years left on his running back career. We saw last year how cooked Mark Ingram was. Ingram cost the Saints a shot at the playoffs in that Buccaneers game. With his lack of youthfulness, the Saints need a replacement at the running back position, and why go and look for someone in the draft when you can get a known commodity? Because the Saints need a talented back that can basically carry this offense with the lack of a dynamic quarterback.

3. The LSU Connection

The Saints saw how excited and happy the fans were when they signed Jarvis Landry and Tyrann Mathieu. Jersey sales went through the roof. And yes those guys may not have had their best seasons; however, those two were older players where as Leonard Fournette is still in his prime. And the fact that he is a New Orleans boy means that not only will his jersey sales go up, but the amount of charity that he will do will go up. Because NFL players do charity in the team's city, players also usually give back to their hometowns. With Fournette being from New Orleans the level of interest in charity only can go up for him due to the fact he's playing for his hometown team.

All of those reasons are why the Saints come March 15th need to make a call to Playoff Lenny. Hopefully, he can get us back to the promised land.

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