ESPN is coming to Lafayette Tuesday night and bringing their national television audience with them. And while the Cajuns are competing with Arkansas State's Red Wolves for Sun Belt dominance, the thousands of Cajun fans in attendance will be competing for a few seconds of camera time.

So what's the best way to get your beautiful Ragin Cajun mug on national TV? We've put our heads together and come up with 4 Ways To Get On National TV During The Cajuns Game.

Warning: Attempt these at your own risk.



Youtube.com1. Over Sized Troy Landry Head

1. Over-Sized Troy Landry Head

You've seen massive over-sized poster heads at sporting events around the country before, and though you could go with a massive Coach Hud poster instead, we feel like Troy Landry is your best bet for a few precious seconds of national TV airtime.

For bonus points, hold up your giant Troy Landry head behind the Red Wolves' bench with the caption "GO BACK TO LITTLE ROCK". Sure, the Red Wolves aren't actually from Little Rock, but no one cares where they are actually from.


2. ESPN Sign "Cajun Style"

ESPN is famous for broadcasting posters with sentences that spell out their own name. ESPN cameras will surely be on the lookout for these posters with a little Cajun flavor added to them. Our suggestion, spell out an ESPN sign in Cajun French...or at least what ESPN will think is Cajun French. Have a little fun with it. Maybe something like...

Estillette Saises Prouiloux lez Naquin!

With any luck, ESPN cameras will mistake this nonsense for an actual Cajun French sentence and attempt to read it on air.


3. Crawfish Man

The sheer coincidence that ULs only nationally televised game occurs so closely to Halloween means only one thing. It's time for Cajun fans to become "Crawfish Man".

Find the oldest pair of overalls you can, get some rubber boots, and a straw hat and parade around Cajun Field with a bag of live crawfish proclaiming, "Pooooo-yiiiiii. I am CRAWFISH MAN!!!" at all passersby. When you sense ESPN cameras near, begin hurling live crawfish in all directions (especially towards ASU fans).



4. Stand Next To A Concerned Blonde

If you've ever seen an ESPN broadcast of a college football game, you know that the cameramen love building the onscreen drama by getting crowd reaction shots, and of all the crowd reaction shots, none have ruled the airwaves quite like the Concerned Blonde.

The Concerned Blonde will make her way onto the screen during a moment of high drama. Perhaps before a late 4th down attempt that will likely determine the game, or before and after a game winning field goal try. If you sense one of these moments coming, locate one of these blondes in the stands and situate yourself as close as possible. The camera will surely find you.


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