4,000 people have not paid their garbage bill in Lafayette Parish and its costing the company who services the parish a lot of money.

According to KATC-TV 3, those that have not paid their bill have received up to $1 Million in free services. Lafayette Parish also receives a portion of the bill each month and according to the story the parish has been short changed close to $300,000. 

Republic Services, who picks up the trash in the unincorporated parts of the parish, is now going to stop providing service to residents who are overdue. They will however move forward in an attempt to collect from those that have not paid their bill.

And if those that are delinquent with their bill don't pay, they could lose this service by Wednesday.

KATC reports,  "That the most one will have to pay is 120 days of service, which amounts to about $100. If they don't pay up, the city-parish can file a lien against any property they owe, under the ordinance."

I sure hope citizens pay up and have have their trash picked up weekly. The last thing we want is for Lafayette or Lafayette Parish to start to stink as it did a few days ago. Remember?

If you need info on billing with Republic Services you can call 337-806-2000 or visit www.republicservices.com/pay-bill.

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