4600 Pounds of Nachos! That's HUGE and now a World's Record! I consider Nachos to be in my Top 10 of Favorite Foods. It could be Nachos from a convenience store, Nachos Bell Grande from Taco Bell, or my all time favorite.....Nachos from the Cajundome! Yes, the big one's.....you know, the one that we have to buy in order to get sour cream? Going thru stuff for the show today, I came across this new world's record. A record for the biggest plate of Nachos in the world, 80 feet long, 3 feet wide and 10 inches deep and exactly 4,689 pounds. It happened in Lawrence, Kansas when Salty Iguana, Centerplate, L.I.N.K, and Kansas University Athletics collaborated to prepare the nachos. Guinness Book of World Record Judges were on hand to observe the preperation and serving of the record dish. According to the judges, this was the 5th attempt at the record, with the previous record being held by 99 restaurants that came together to prepare and serve 3,999 pounds of nachos in October of 2011.

Via [Fox 8]

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