UPDATE (Jan. 10):

50 Cent has reacted to the viral video of "In Da Club" playing during a Ja Rule show.

On Tuesday (Jan. 10), as the video clip below of Ja Rule's team rushing to stop the music began to circulate, 50 Cent hit up Instagram to pile onto the jokes that have spread across social media.

"LOL, now this is some funny shit," wrote Fif in the video's caption alongside a series of laughing and applause emojis. "I wish I had something to do with it."


A video of a 50 Cent song playing during a Ja Rule concert while Ja's team scrambles to cut the track off is going viral.

The video was initially uploaded to TikTok by @losribbon on Dec. 11, 2022, and is from Power 106.9's Jingle Jam concert with Ja Rule and Ashanti at Baxter Arena. In the clip, 50 Cent's hit single "In Da Club" is blaring from the speakers while multiple people run around onstage. One of the men grabs the mic and says something about stopping the show.

"Aye, cut this shit off," a second person yells into the mic.

Several men then approach the DJ as the song continues but he appears to have no answers as to where the single from Ja Rule's nemesis is coming from.

"Only in Omaha, they gon' play 50 at Ja Rule shit," a voice behind the camera says. "They trying to get it cut off right now. That nigga 50 still winning."

The video ends before Ja Rule's team is able to remedy the situation.

"Playing 50 at a Ja concert just all out disrespectful," losribbon captioned the video.

The TikTok post flew under the radar before going viral on Monday (Jan. 9). Many social media users have commented on the clip.

"@50cent still terrorizing Ja Rule 2 decades later lmao," one Twitter user posted along with several crying laughing emojis.

"Ja Rule out there 20 years later and still getting done in by 50 Cent," another person tweeted.

"How they end up playing your song at a Ja Rule concert and can't cut it off. This shit gots to stop 50," someone else tweeted.

50 Cent and Ja Rule's beef is now 20 years old and doesn't seem like it will ever be resolved. Though Ja mostly doesn't address the situation unless asked, 50 Cent isn't below trolling Ja Rule on the regular. In 2018, 50 Cent claimed he bought 200 tickets in the front row of one of Ja's shows so it would look empty.

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