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This 6-year-old Cal Perks was able to fulfill a dream of his. He was given the opportunity to speak to the Peterborough Petes Hockey Team before their game over the weekend.

Coach Cal's inspirational pep talk was not only motivational to the team but also to the millions of people around the globe who have watched the video. This was not the first time that Coach Cal has given a before-game speech, he actually gives these regularly before his own Hockey team gets on the ice.

So where does Coach Cal get his inspiration from? He says he pulls his inspiration from everywhere. He takes things from the books he reads and movies he watches and incorporates those into his speeches to make them meaningful and impactful.

During his interview with ABC’s Will Ganss Coach Cal says, "that anyone can be amazing, You just have to work hard for the W. You just have to show others what it takes to get the W."

Now I am not big into Hockey, I have played my fair share of sports in my lifetime but hockey was never one of them. While I may not be up on all the sports lingo and terminology, I think that Coach Cal’s message can be translated into everyday life. If you work hard and show up each day you will win at whatever you are doing. At least that is the way I have taken his message, so don’t give up and keep pushing for your dreams.

You can watch the whole ABC interview here:

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