A 6-year-old student in Maryland was suspended for one day after he allegedly made a hand gesture resembling a gun and pointing his fingers at a fellow student and saying, "Pow." Now his family is appealing the one-day suspension.

The young boy is a student at Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md. He made the gesture and was suspended one week after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Most school districts throughout the country said that they were tightening up on security after the tragic events at Sandy Hook and that they, school districts, would be enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on campuses.

Many of you called-in this morning on the show and stated your opinion on the matter and it was close to 50/50. Do you think the school district's punishment of the 6-year-old was just or was it too excessive? The family does make a good point, their child's record has been tarnished over this gesture.

Tell us, do you think the punishment in this case was too harsh or was it just? Please comment below.



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