Jerry Foxhoven is a legend.

He doesn't like Tupac. He LOVES Tupac. The superfan was forced out of his position as the Director of Iowa Department of Human Services for sending his fellow employees, some 4,300 people, 350 pages of emailed Pac lyrics.

Foxhoven was also a long-time Drake University Law professor.Oh, he also hosted "Tupac Fridays" for his colleagues where he would play Tupac's songs all day. For his 65th birthday, Jerry didn't wait for others to bring him cake. He brought his own cookies...decorated in Tupac themed "Thug Life." For Valentine's Day he shared Tupac lyrics of love.

It seems that for what would have been Tupac's 48th birthday (June 16th), Jerry sent out an agency wide email letting everyone know that it would have been his prince's birthday, and they should all listen to a little Pac that day.

And that's what was apparently too much. The next day, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds told Jerry to resign.

It wasn't officially confirmed that it was Jerry's overt love of Tupac that led to his firing, “As the governor has said, a lot of factors contributed to the resignation of Jerry Foxhoven and now Gov. Reynolds is looking forward to taking DHS in a new direction,” said spokesman Pat Garrett.

Keep ya head up, Jerry. Only God can judge you.

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