Unless you spend your days running around chanting "la la la la" with your eyes closed and your hands over your ears, you're undoubtedly aware that Lafayette is home to one incredible softball program. Though over the years the Lady Cajuns have managed to produce some impressive teams, this year's squad is something special. In a word, the 2012 edition of the Lady Cajuns are legit. They're the real deal, and they are smack dab in the middle of one of the most impressive seasons in the history of the program. In honor of the team's super hot start to the season, we've decided to put together a list of 7 reasons why you should get into Lady Cajuns' softball (as if there is any reason not to).

1. The Stadium

The Lady Cajuns play their home games in one of the most beautiful softball facilities in the country. The newly renovated Lamson Park is an absolutely immaculate softball cathedral that serves as a thank you to the many fans, players, and coaches that have made UL softball what it is today. Forget your notions of hot bleachers and glorified high school grandstands, Lamson Park is something to see in and of itself. The new park which was officially revealed this year features new bathrooms, new locker rooms, new stands, new everything. It's a beautiful Lafayette landmark and something that every student, alumni, and citizen should check out.

2. The All-Americans

It's a rare treat for residents of Lafayette to get to see elite athletes on display in their hometown, at least outside of Lamson Park. Over the years the Lady Cajuns have boasted many All-Americans and this year's squad is no different. Featuring preseason All-American slugger Christi Orgeron the Lady Cajuns display elite level greatness every time they take the field. If you've not seen Christi in action you're missing out. Whether in the field or at the plate, Orgeron is a force. She is an opposing pitcher's worst nightmare and an inspiration to future Lady Cajuns everywhere.

Aside from Christi's All-American honors, the Cajuns boast a stable of top level talent. With a lineup that includes speed, power, and precision, the Lady Cajuns are no one trick pony. To spend an afternoon at Lamson Park is to be in the company of some of the best athletes in the country.

3. The Weather

If you haven't gotten the chance to stick your head out of your car window lately allow me to be the first to tell you, the weather right now in Acadiana is absolutely beautiful. If you aren't begging for excuses to get out and enjoy these brief moments of spring before the unbearable Louisiana heat and humidity sweep in you are certainly missing out. For Lady Cajun fans, there is no better way to spend a spring afternoon than in Lamson Park soaking in some sunlight and softball, and maybe a cold beverage or two.

4. The Dominance

The Lady Cajuns currently have a 30-1 record with victories over some impressive competition. Aside from the many other teams they've managed to bring pain to, the girls took down #12 Michigan in an exciting 10-7 contest, they beat up an impressive Georgia Tech team in two very thrilling games, and they absolutely pistol whipped last years champion Arizona State 9-2. These victories have earned the Cajuns a #7 national ranking and a reputation as a forced to be reckoned with in future competition.

5. The Voices

If you've ever taken in a game at Lamson Park, you are aware that the Lady Cajuns' public address announcer is rather...unique. His fun and familiar delivery and off-the-cuff humor will ensure that whether you're pulling for the Cajuns or not, you will have a good time at Lamson Park. He is has gained a reputation over the years for cracking up opposing players and coaches not used to his interesting style of commentary. If you want a laugh, he is definitely worth the price of admission.

If the team is playing out of town, or you can't make it to Lamson Park, treat yourself to the silky smooth delivery of the Lady Cajuns' radio voice Steve Peloquin. Stevie P will ensure that whether you're at the stadium or not, you will not miss a moment of the action. Whether he's calling balls and strikes, or breaking down the intricate hand shake the pitcher and short stop do after strike outs, Stevie P is a vocal maestro and the absolute next best option to seeing it live.

6. The View

Aside from being one of the absolute best softball teams in the country, you would be hard pressed to find a more attractive groups of young athletes anywhere. In the proud tradition of Cajun ladies, these girls are as easy on the eyes as they are hard on opposing pitching staffs. Spend an afternoon with this talented bunch of Lady Cajuns and they'll inevitably win your heart just as easily as they win the game.

7. The Work Ethic

In this unfortunate day and age of "me first" athletes and multi-million dollar shoe deals, it becomes hard at times to find genuine roll models for the next generation. At Lamson Park however, you will find no prima donnas or negative attitudes. The Lady Cajuns bring it every day with pride in their team and their school. Their never say die spirit is an absolute joy to be a part of and is highly contagious. Fans have come to know that the Lady Cajuns are never down and out. Their cardiac kid comebacks have become common place. The teams will and determination is enough to make any fan proud.


Do you have any other reasons to check out Lady Cajun softball? Let us know in the comment section, and be sure to click the "Like" button to share this with your friends. Now get out to Lamson Park and support the Lady Cajuns!

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