Japan has had, over the years, size issues. Being a small island country, they've had to adjust the building procedures upwards to account for the population growth. In the US, we've got your average, run-of-the-mill sized monsters, while in Japan they've got Godzilla.

I'm not sure if it has to do with the average height of the country in comparison to the rest of the world but they're sure making up for it in how they innovate the fast food industry. From the ginormous portions to the unique concepts in food combinations, it looks like the Travel Channel's Adam Richman has another location for food competitions. Here's just seven of the food selections you won't find in the US, but just take a quick 16 hour flight to enjoy these unique creations.

  • inventorspot

    McDonald's Mega McMuffin:

    Starting in the morning with a big breakfast can be a challenge. You love the Egg McMuffin, but you need something more 'substantial'. You could feel like a pig and order two of them, but they you'd have to hold two sandwiches in your hand while you're driving. Why not take the fuss away by getting this monster breakfast sandwich which is loaded up with two breakfast sausage patties, egg, bacon, cheese and ketchup in the traditional McDonalds 'McMuffin'.

  • akihabara news
    akihabara news

    Burger King's NY Pizza Burger

    Well, it basically is like it sounds, which is interesting in and of itself. a nearly 10 inch sesame seed bun houses a giant Burger King beef patty…as well as all the toppings for a pepperoni pizza, from the pepperoni itself to the mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. If you can't decide between a burger or a pizza, then here's your chance to get both (as opposed to a hamburger pizza which is pretty much the exact opposite of this creation.)

  • youtube

    Burger King's Meat Monster Burger

    Take a regular burger, add another patty, add three pieces of bacon and a chicken breast, then top it with two cheese slices, lettuce, tomato and onion crammed inside a sesame bun and you've got another Japanese creation that towers over the competition.

  • inventorspot

    McDonald's Mega Mac

    Because sometimes one Big Mac isn't enough, the crafty Japanese chefs decided to double your burger pleasure with the Mega Mac. this changes the song a little bit to 'Four all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun' but it's a small price to pay for this monster burger

  • eataku

    Burger King's Rodeo Whopper

    Ok, seriously, this is getting a little out of hand. Burger King Japan has taken the whopper to new heights with three patties, six onion-rings (as well as regular onions), lettuce and tomato, plus mayo and barbecue sauce.

  • mcdonalds japan
    mcdonalds japan

    McDonald's Grand Canyon Burger

    And you thought the Grand Canyon was a product of the US, well think again. They've taking the Big Mac and modified the entire sandwich by layering a beef patty with 'steak filling', a cooked egg, two types of cheese, crispy onions and steak sauce stacked up like your traditional Bic Mac. While our Grand Canyon is far more impressive, theirs is much more delicious.

  • superbooyah

    Pizza Hut's Bacon Wrapped Sausage Crust Mini Hamburger Pizza

    I remember when the stuffed crust pizza came out and thought 'This is awesome!' That's when it was merely stuffed with cheese. Since then, there have been various incarnations of the stuffed crust pizza, but none quite as unique as this. The crust ring around this pizza isn't an ordinary crust, but instead made up of mini bacon-wrapped hotdogs. The filling for the pizza adds a unique element of mini hamburgers as well as the traditional cheese, peppers, mushrooms and onions. This is pretty much the trifecta of fast food: Pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers.

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