Christmas time means family get togethers with food, presents, and for many, fun games to play to give everyone a good chuckle.

In recent years, my grandmother started to slowly weave holiday games in to our celebrations while trying to be low key about it. We love her, but we know what she's up to. And I think we all secretly love it.

If you and your family enjoy the games and fun for your family holiday parties, I found a few on TikTok that would be perfect and are sure to bring smiles to every face.

Saran Wrap Ball

Balloon Cup Battle

Ball Swing (?)

Jingle Bell Twerk

Ball Blowing Race

Cereal Box Puzzles


Cup Race


Candy Cane Fishing


I might seriously regret passing along these ideas to my grandmother, but I think the ball swing game is a must try.

Have you and your family tried any of these games? There are a few in there that will be a hit for everyone, including the little ones.

What are some of your favorite holiday games to play?

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