A new game for your iPhone created by 14 yr old tween, Robert Nay, has been downloaded over 2 million times and has taken over top spot in the iPhone game charts from previous most downloaded game, Angry Birds. It's called Bubble Ball and it is a free download in the App Store on your iPhone. Time Magazine's Techland describes it as:

...a classic physics game that requires players to place metal and wooden planks strategically so that when a ball is released, it will ricochet to the finish line. Since the game debuted on December 29, its popularity has exploded. So far, Bubble Ball boasts over 1.5 million downloads. And last week, the game catapulted to the #1 spot in the app store's top free games list, ousting the wildly popular Angry Birds from its throne.

The fuzzy warm story of a 14 year old creating this game with only the help of his mother Kari Nay in Spanish Fork, Utah isn't just fuzzy and warm ... it's epic !! How epic you ask ??

While he designed Bubble Ball in his bedroom in Spanish Fork, Utah, Angry Birds was developed by 17 professionals in Finland. (source:DailyMail)

Not bad for a kid who isn't even in high school yet. Check out the interview with ABC news below.

Also check out the trailer for Bubble Ball.

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