A Lafayette woman is in trouble AGAIN after she was found to be illegally storing 70,000 gallons of grease and septic tank waste. According to KLFY-TV 10, The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has arrested a Lafayette woman for allegedly storing dangerous chemicals without proper permits to do so and for not taking the proper precautionary measures in doing so. DEQ released a statement saying that Deidre Lavan allegedly used her tank truck equipment to transport grease and septic tank wastes from area residences and businesses and stored and disposed of these materials without a permit on her property.


Upon searching the property of Lavan in December 2011, DEQ reports that they found nine storage tanks on her property. The department notes that she was convicted on similar charges back in 2006.

Now the question I have is what was she going to do with all of this grease and waste? What could this woman possibly have in mind with so much in storage?

Here are my Top-5 angles on why she may have been storing this grease and  toxic waste on her property:

5. Dooms Day Preparations: Perhaps she has been watching too much television and has elected to stockpile for a later day. Many are prepping for the inevitable, and perhaps this woman is one of those preparing for "Dooms Day."

4. Alternative Fuel Source: We all what gas prices are like these days. Perhaps she has some chemical concoctions we aren't aware of and she will use what she had in storage to "fuel" her form(s) of transportation.

3. Maybe She Is A "Hoarder": Perhaps this Lafayette woman has watched too much TLC. Yes, while it may be a weakness or illness, perhaps the woman involved here has such an illness. Why we ask, who knows!! But grease and septic tank waste!?!? Now that takes hoarding to a whole new level!!!

2. Perhaps She Is Protecting The Earth: Like so many, the woman involved in this case may just be doing her part to protect the environment. Yes, we are going there. She may think that by storing such waste in storage units it will prevent the chemicals/waste from entering into the earth's soil and water table!! Who Knows!!!

1. Its Just Her Hobby: Like everyone, this woman in Lafayette may just a hobby. Unfortunately for her, if this is the case, her hobby is ILLEGAL. Maybe we don't know this, but perhaps the thrill of pumping and transporting such chemicals gives this woman a "rush" and she is having trouble eliminating it from her daily routine. Whatever the case may be, this woman in Lafayette has a huge MESS on her hands.



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