The Youngsville Police Department is trying to locate a male coach, from Brown Park, that allegedly punched a female coach last night in Youngsville. 

Chief Rickey Boudreaux tells KATC that the fight broke out following a U16 league game between Brown Park and the Broussard/Youngsville Youth Association.

According to the report, three Brown Park players jumped on top of a BYYA player. Boudreaux says when the coaches tried to intervene, a male Brown Park coach punched a female BYYA coach in the face, breaking her nose in three places.

A source tells me that they know who the coach is that punched the female coach, but anyone with any more information is encouraged to call the Youngsville Police Department at 337-856-5931.


Here is what a coach from Brown Park told KATC-TV-3:

"After we finished shaking hands, one of (their) players came and she swung a lick at one of my players," Coach Jackson said. "My player then in turn, defended herself and she swung back."

Jackson added there were racial slurs directed at her players during the game. Her assistant coach left the field before the game ended, did not want to shake hands with the BYYA team and urged the head coach not to let the players shake hands.

"The coach was hit due to all the fighting, all the licks that was being punched," she said. "But, I do know that there was not a male coach out there that hit a female. My assistant coach walked away from the field because he said he heard all the racial remarks that were being said."

Jackson said some of the parents want to press charges against Broussard because she got involved with their players during the fight. She said some of her players are hurt and may not play the rest of the season.

Press release sent by the City of Youngsville:

On the evening of April 21 an incident with injury took place at the conclusion of a softball game at the Youngsville Sports Complex.  A male coach from a visiting team struck a female coach of a Broussard Youngsville Youth Association U16 girls slow-pitch team.  YPD is finalizing the investigation and an arrest is expected.  A uniformed Youngsville police officer was working at the sports complex at the time of the incident and additional officers were quickly dispatched.  The safety of players, parents, coaches, residents, and guests are the top priority for the Youngsville Sports Complex management and the city administration.  As a result the City of Youngsville and the Youngsville Sports complex has a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct for players, coaches, and attendees visiting our facility.  In response to the events of April 21 city administration and facility management have made the following decisions:

•    Lifetime facility ban on coach who caused injuries

•    U16 visiting softball team from Brown Park Youth Association banned for remainder of the year

•    Brown Park Youth Association teams will be required to pay for one officer per team per game for the remainder of the year at the Youngsville Sports Complex.  Any further misconduct will result in a season ban for all age groups.

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