The Eagle Scout in me is coming out on this one.

As Acadiana prepares for what will some very cold days ahead, you should start to prepare for below-freezing temperatures across much of South Louisiana.

Yes, you will need to take care of the pipes, pets, and plants this weekend and into early next week, but you should also begin to prepare for a few other things around the home.

It may be a good idea to get enough food and necessities for your home this weekend so that you do not have to get on the roads early next week and you should begin thinking about protecting your vehicle.

One substance my father introduced me to years ago was a thing called Windshield "De-Icer." This liquid is used on frozen windshields or windows and it will melt the ice off of your car in SECONDS.

If you park your vehicle outdoors, you will NEED this next week. No, you don't want to pour warm water on a frozen windshield and by having this substance in your possession it will say you a lot of time when it comes to waiting on the ice to melt as you warm up your vehicle.

You can buy these cans of "De-Icer" at any automotive store for less than five bucks. So, I'd encourage you to get a can or two while they are available as we prepare for below-freezing temperatures in Acadiana.

If you haven't used this "magical spray" before, you'll thank me once you do. Stay warm and please be safe in the days ahead.

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