What happens when a dino-loving kid is brought to a park with robotic dinosaurs in the woods, well you may have guessed right. See what happens when a young boy encounters one of his favorite creatures along a path in the woods. As you may imagine, his affection is quickly changed into fear once the dinosaur begins to move. The video was shot in 2009, but seems to be getting a lot of attention in recent days on the web. Zach comes face-to-face with a mighty, four-foot-tall T-Rex, and after careful consideration, bails, shouting "RUN!"


He runs away as fast as he can in order to seek safety, but his parents stay behind absorbing in all the fun and excitement of their two-year-old running for his life.

We should probably thank the folks at Vermillionville and the Zoo Of Acadiana for NOT putting dinosaurs along the paths of their Christmas displays. I have a feeling that if such creatures would exist along the paths at these displays we could see a replica of this video from right here in Acadiana.