It's pretty safe to assume that a large majority of adults know the name, Aaron Hernandez. If you were a football fan, you first knew him as the young superstar tight end for the New England Patriots who would set the media world on fire after his dark deeds had been revealed. Hernandez was eventually arrested and sent to prison for the murder of a former NFL player. Hernandez committed suicide in his cell in 2017. This bizarre story attracted tons of attention from the media and put the entire Hernandez family in the spotlight.


Aaron's brother, D.J., finds his name in the media this week as a wild story involving him and ESPN headquarters has come out. D.J. has been known to make comments about media outlets and the damage they cause to families. He even reportedly made comments about smashing out the Windows of ESPN studios. On March 23rd, D.J. ordered an uber to take him to ESPN headquarters where they were eventually turned away by security. D.J. then got out of the car and threw an object in the direction of the ESPN grounds.

Upon Police investigation, the object in question was a white plastic bag with a big inside that also contained a note attached to it. Police reports stated that the message reads “To all media outlets, its about time you realeyes the effects media has had on all family members. Since you are the worldwide leader, maybe you could lead how media and messages are delivered brick by brick. Clean it up! Yours truly, Dennis J. Hernandez.”

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D.J. admitted to police that he was at ESPN but denied speaking on the incident in question. The police would arrest D.J. for misdemeanor breach of peace but was released on a promise to appear in court next month. Police told D.J. he is not allowed on ESPN grounds anymore and will be arrested if he violates this order, he has not responded to public comment as of this time.

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