Abbeville High School Principal Ivy Landy showed up for work Thursday morning wearing a bright red dress to school, and he did so to live up to the promise he made over a year ago. AHS was graded a D-School last year, but their principal promised his staff and students if they improved, he'd show up to work in a dress.

Today, on Thursday, Mr. Ivy showed up for work in a bright red dress from Goodwill because he announced yesterday that AHS has gone from a D-level school to a B-level school in just one year!!!

The principal tells the Kaplan Today, “I was pleasantly surprised,” said Landry. “But I did not know until I saw the state scores. When I saw an 111.9, I got emotional. The students and teachers have put in a lot of work. When you put in a lot of work, you hope to see success. When I saw that success, it felt like winning the state championship.”

Mr. Landry says that his staff and students bought into his philosophy and he does not mind losing this type bet. And because of the school's recent success, Mr. Landry and the band instructor, Tim Farnsworth, wore dresses to school today.

We here salute Abbeville High School on their recent success, and we salute their principal and band director for keeping their promise to their kids. Its always refreshing to see school administrators and it's staff have such a good relationship with it's student body. Job Well Done AHS!!!

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