On Wednesday, Acadiana Animal Aid put out an urgent request for fosters. They found over 20 dogs and puppies living in a 'disheartening hoarding' situation and now need the community's help.

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The good news is all the puppies have been placed with fosters. The remaining adult dogs are being evaluated by their veterinarians and could really use some extra love and care. Aside from having serious health concerns, they have all been 'severely socially neglected.' This is where the Acadiana community can help at zero cost to you. All you have to do is provide love, daily care, and your home, all financial costs will be covered by AAA.

Yesterday we took in 22 dogs from a disheartening hoarding case and thanks to your help, all of the young puppies were able to immediately be placed into foster homes. Today, the rest of the adults are being evaluated by our veterinary team. These dogs came from extremely poor living conditions, which means most of them have upper respiratory infections, skin issues, and are heartworm positive, all things that we will be treating to nurse them each back to health.
In addition to medical concerns, it's important to recognize that they have been just as severely, socially neglected. They are devastatingly terrified, though most have all shown that they have a tenderness to them that wants so much for comfort and love. This is a group of dogs who need advocates like you who can display the patient side of humanity, who sets down high expectations and can meet them where they are in their journey with full compassion. They will need time to adjust, to learn, and of course to trust.

Consider Fostering This Summer

If you are interested in fostering to help these dogs through the next chapter or if you'd like to adopt, to give them a security they have never known before, please visit our website to fill out either form: acadianaanimalaid.org. They need heroes like you.
If you can't adopt or foster, consider signing up for our Topgolf Fundraising Fiesta event, with proceeds benefiting their care and others: acadianaanimalaid.org/sponsor.


Original Story

Acadiana Animal Aid is desperately looking for fosters to make room at the shelter.

They need to make room for a group of dogs ranging from nursing mothers to puppies that are currently living in an intense hoarding situation. The problem is, the shelter is full and help is urgently needed in order to save these dogs, some are still nursing puppies.

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AAA is asking for anyone willing to foster, even if you can only commit to 1-2 weeks to please sign up to foster now. When you sign up to foster, everything is taken care of. Foster supplies including food, medical care and adoption placements are handled by the organization, all you have to do is provide housing and daily care.

Fostering allows the shelter to take in more animals that are in urgent situations like homes where animals are being hoarded and neglected.

Chances are they will not be able to take in every animal at the hoarding site unless more fosters volunteer their time for a week or so.

Acadiana Animal Aid Made a post on social media urgently requesting the help of the community or anyone who can come forward to foster temporarily.


We are in crisis mode trying to help with a large hoarding case, but our shelter is FULL and we desperately need foster homes to step up. Foster supplies including food, medical care and adoption placements are handled by our organization, all you have to do is provide housing and daily care. Our team will be going TOMORROW 5/29 to assess the dogs and take in as many as we can but these are our priorities:
  • There is a nursing mom with 10 puppies who are 8 days old. We have a foster secured for them until June 12th, and are looking for additional fosters who can swap in. Even if you can only take them for 2 weeks at a time, we are looking for fosters who can work together until they are old enough to wean from mom.
  • A pregnant female who is likely to give birth any day now. Again, if you can't foster long term we are happy to work with multiple fosters who are willing to take turns in 2-3 week increments but we NEED the commitments to help.
  • A litter of 4 puppies who are about 8 weeks old, just separated from mom.
AND MORE! Anything helps, minimum of 2 week foster commitment can make a massive difference!
The more foster homes we have, the more capacity we have to help! Sign up to foster NOW at acadianaanimalaid.org/foster.

Why Fostering Matters - A Message From Acadiana Animal Aid

Fosters provide a temporary home for cats and dogs in need, offering a safe, nurturing environment as a healthy alternative to shelter housing. As a non-profit rescue, our facility has a limited capacity on the number of animals we can save at any given time, and foster homes allow us to increase that number tremendously, responsible for nearly 60% of our lifesaving each year! That’s over 1,000 animals that would not make it out alive without your help!

Our program focuses on the most sensitive population, from animals who are too young, sick, injured or simply in need of socialization, decompression or mental/physical stimulation. Foster families also provide crucial insight into a more accurate assessment of personality, overall behavior and expectations of an in-home lifestyle, helping to better set them up for adoption success.

Whether you can foster for a few days, a few weeks or right through until an adoption placement is found, the comfort and care you bring is insurmountable. We guarantee that your selfless act of compassion will be paid back tenfold, from the gratitude of a shelter pet whose trajectory is forever changed, to their future families that you help build, we thank you for being their hero.

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